Matt Kinman is a troubadour traveling country. This Documentary features special guest appearances from musicians such as Lillie Mae Rische, Frank Carter Rische, and Luke Bell.
This 360 technology can create a new experience for viewers and drastically increase the number of views on youtube by giving users control of the perspective.
With new technology we can create interactive music videos where the audience can control the camera and interact with the performers.
This live performance video was filmed at the Basement. New artists can gain exposure by showcasing their creative abilities for popular venues.
This promotional video demonstrates the creative vision of Donnie Reis who developed his own line of fiddles and personally built his own recording studio.
Matt Kinman has restored this beautiful 1953 School Bus with a brand new running gear. He plans to travel all across the country interviewing people in rural America. We put together this promotional video for his latest fund raiser.
Celebrity interviews go a long way to promote new album releases. We met with Gordon Kennedy and Larry Stewart to discuss their artistic collaboration.