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An organization can avoid the expenses of marketing a product that will eventually become market saturated, but without clever digital media they will not be able to communicate with potential buyers. Understanding the differences in these relationships allows us to make predictions based upon data. When we are able to understand the trends in conversion rates, we will be able to anticipate the responses of our potential customers. We can engineer a digital campaign for a product that will provide the highest possible return on investment.


It is not possible to change someone’s basic psychology with a digital media interaction. The best practice is understanding how our customers communicate and process information. With this knowledge we can custom tailor the digital content to their specific concerns. It takes a lot of time and energy to manage a digital marketing campaign. When you make the initial analysis correctly it assures your efforts will not be wasted and you will see a higher return on your investment.


A lot of marketing firms are using the Internet as a medium for their classical marketing tactics. Classical marketing does not work as well on the Internet! There is a completely different process when people use mobile devices for web browsing. The new approach for digital media surrounds the concept of Native Advertising through interactive social media. This means creating media content that people will consume for the sake of its intrinsic value. In other words, the product is initially peripheral to the subject you are addressing with the digital media posts. Social media will not contain a product pitch, but rather will be entertaining on its own.


Early marketing companies referred to this as “Product Placement”. The modern tactic known as “Native Advertising” follows the same concept. Soda companies are famous for using this tactic in music videos. You may recall the video for “Dancing in the Street” featuring Mick Jagger and David Bowie. Ridiculous and absurd even for that time period. It is hilarious watching them bounce around the screen in and out of doors and windows while making funny facial expressions. After the first minute of the video, Mick takes a drink of a soda in the middle of the dance sequence. There was no mention of Coke or any other product placement. The use of products in music videos was the first example of Native Advertising. It involves using culture to motivate people like certain products. Product placement really works!


In the modern era, the native advertising strategy is the most effective way to promote products on the Internet with social media. The public has become immune to marketing. People Hate Ads and they won’t watch your videos or follow your social media feed if they feel they are being sold something. We should not consider social media as an accessory to the main website, rather it should be the focus of digital marketing. The goal is to design a content marketing plan that appeals to different buyer psychologies through a specific process. Quality digital content gives any campaign a huge advantage over the competition. We have the potential to use Native Advertising effectively by creating a cultural following behind the products.

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