The Ideal Client
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The conversion process has been designed to push prospects further along until they purchase a product. As they progress through each stage, we encourage customers to start spending money slowly. In the early stages of planning a website, there are many factors to consider. Writing your digital media plan may seem overwhelming at first. As long as you follow through with each stage in the process, you are on the path to success.


Promoting an organization requires researching your competition. This market analysis helps you to determine the demand for a particular product or service in your area. If there are a lot of other organizations in the same region providing similar products or services, the competition may require you to identify a unique niche in your marketplace. You can examine the priorities of potential customers.


A connection exists between the type of product you are selling and the type of person who is likely to purchase from you. These questions help us identify how to speak with the different types of buyers. When you know there is a demand for something, and you know how to communicate with the people who are looking for that item, chances for success greatly increase.


  • What are your ideal customer’s priorities?


  • What is their income level?


  • What is the driving force behind their decisions?


  • How will they find out about what you are offering?


  • What is the socio-economic background of your customer?


  • Are they well educated?


  • Do they make informed decisions primarily based on knowledge?


  • Do they function out of a state of need or impulse reaction?


  • Are they looking for a luxury item or status symbol?


  • What is the price point for your particular product?


  • Are you selling an inexpensive product to a lot of people?


  • Do you sell an expensive item that will appeal to a small number of people?

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