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Depending upon the price of the item we can compare the way people who buy similar items communicate their ideas. The goal is to identify the priorities of the buyer and give them information. We want them to make the decision to buy without triggering an impulse reaction to resist spending money. Achieving this will require us to look at the relationships between form and content in the design process. Our goal is to create the perfect balance between the beauty of the design and the content that is strategically presented to your potential customers.


Consumer behavior during web browsing can be monitored by statistical analysis. From careful consideration of the data, we can formulate a mathematical model that helps us predict the response of our target customer. In the world of web design this is called analytics. There are specific tools which help the designer organize the layout of a website and design the page to maximize the conversion rate.


We can monitor and track the behavior of visitors, by mapping how long they spend on the site, what links they click on and which areas of the site receive the most attention of the user. The data helps us use digital media to keep web traffic from clicking away from the webpage. By using statistics we can arrange a website with the intention of captivating the audience in a way that motivates them to interact with the content. The information helps us understand what layouts to use when designing the elements of the page.


For example, when we put a lot of technical information on a page regarding a doctor’s medical training, and include a form asking specific personal information from a patient. The page in this circumstance must appear very similar to a form one might fill out in a hospital waiting room. If the form had a lot of graphics on it and appeared entertaining, there would be a psychological resistance on the part of the user to interact with the content. The reaction occurs on the sub conscious level due to past experiences.


If we were to design the medical page in an entertaining way, like we would for a video game or a film, the user might sub consciously reject a form asking for their personal information. They would not be able to trust the authority as credible due to the psychological conditioning of the other experiences they have had in a doctor’s office. This may be described as market context. The laws which govern form and content during web design must take into consideration the context of the interaction, and use analytics to get the user to click through on the landing page.


During the design process, it is useful to observe the data and recognize relationships between the variables involved in the process. When examining behavioral psychology there is a relationship between Form and Content and the click through rate on the website. From the perspective of the user, there is an intellectual response to the content, and an emotional response to the form.

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